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Seattle 2014 – Day 3 & 4

The highlight of my Saturday was definitely meeting my old school friend Anita and her boyfriend Eric. Anita was my senior in school and she moved to Seattle for work several years ago. I haven’t seen her in yonks and it was superbly awesome to have caught up with her. Lots of chatting and laughing – my favourite! We walked to the waterfront and went to a restaurant called The Crab Pot. I don’t eat crabs (or anything with a face) but there were things in the pot I happily ate. Oh man… Good times…

And on Sunday, I found a new ornament for our Christmas tree! When T and I got our tree last year, we couldn’t afford many things so we made do with fairy lights and a star topper. I made the decision to grow our collection of ornaments together – quality rather than quantity. So we buy what we can afford and remember the story of each ornament. I was looking for a Seattle souvenir to mark this trip and I walked all over but only saw mass-produced stuff that were run-of-the-mill until I stumbled onto a shop that specializes in maps. MAPS!! How quaint! How uhmmm hipster? I ended up buying a little globe covered with a vintage map. It even came with the attachment for hanging and a little box for storing.

Oh yeah and we ate crappy vegetarian food in a crappy dungeon last night. I passed New Saigon (6th Avenue, Seattle) a couple of times and told T we should try it since we’ve already had Long Provincial twice since we came. The flashy neon signs that said VEGETARIAN FOOD was calling to me. Should’ve checked Yelp before we went in. Gaaaah!! As much as Yelpers were right about Long Provincial, they were right to give this place 2.5 stars too. Dangerous & awkward basement location, bland and boring decor, substandard service and food. And this was all within walking distance of Long Provincial which ALSO served Vietnamese cuisine with a vegetarian menu, had a more chic interior, fast and friendly service AND were identically priced!! BAH!!

Oh well… The ups and downs of travel and discovery… ONWARD TO MORE

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Fat-shionista #574

It’s a bit warmer today than yesterday. It was cold and rainy most of yesterday in Downtown Seattle. Today started off chilly in the low 60s and warmed up in the afternoon so off went the denim jacket.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue & grey striped dress from OLD NAVY

Outerwear: Blue denim jacket from HIGH SIERRA

Accessories: Blue & red dangly earrings from FOREVER21; Bronze folded spectacles (a gift from my pals Mylene and Jon)

Bottom: Black wet-look 3/4 leggings from EBAY

Footwear: Brown bow-tie ballet flats from OLD NAVY


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Fat-shionista #573

Another day in Seattle! And it’s nice and chilly today. Slight drizzling throughout the morning and afternoon so far but I’ve kept mostly warm and dry popping in and out of shops.


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Grey long-sleeved midi dress from ASOS

Outerwear: Blue denim jacket from HIGH SIERRA

Accessories: Mint green & silver multi-strand bead necklace from ACCESSORIZE; Purple flower barrette from H&M

Footwear: Brown bow-tie ballet flats from OLD NAVY

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Seattle 2014 – Day 2

Today was basically me on my own for most part of the day. I sauntered off to explore more of Pike Place Market before going to meet Erin for lunch at O’Asian near her office. We spent over an hour just chatting and chatting. I had a super lovely time!

As I walked down 5th Avenue, I entered Chinatown aka Seattle International District to do more exploring. Wish I had more belly space because I found so many things I wanted to eat at Uwajimaya! I did end up buying a Beard Papa cream puff just for nostalgia sake. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!

More walking and walking saw me wandering through some really interesting streets with old buildings that I really like. I believe I was in Pioneer Square and I also entered the Pioneer Thrift Store but came out empty handed.

T had a long day first day at PAX Prime and he had about an hour’s rest in the hotel before heading out again. We went to a party hosted by Sony. It was held at Chihuly Garden & Glass. We mingled and chatted with other developers till 11pm. Most of the conversations were over my head but I enjoy learning new things and I’m really interested in people so that helped. Tomorrow I’ll take it easy and sleep in late, not walk too far and maybe spend most of my day chilling in the hotel room…

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Seattle 2014 – Day 1

Technically day 2 because we arrived yesterday evening but we didn’t do much except walked around our hotel (fancy-schmancy Sheraton Seattle) for 10 minutes before heading to Veggie Grill for dinner then buying some water and bananas at a nearby supermarket. (The Veggie Grill on 4th Avenue here in Seattle, by the way, is probably the fanciest one we’ve ever been to – comparing the 2 others we’ve been to in LA.)

We slept in and watched some TV (TV!! We don’t have TV access at home so I always watch my fill when we get a chance) before heading out to explore the area a bit. We first went to get T’s pass from the Washington State Convention Center then walked to Pike’s Place Market which was super close and convenient. So many things to see, smell and buy! We ended up buying 1 small little piggie ornament for T’s Grammy.

We also went into the world’s first ever Starbucks where T got his caffeine fix. He’s not much of a coffee-drinker but he gets caffeine-withdrawal headaches from time to time. Mostly, he gets by with a caffeinated drink of any kind but when in Seattle coffee town… HAHAHHAA…

Other than sight-seeing there was some business at hand. We met with Dan Adelman for lunch at Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant to talk about some insights he has for T’s work. It was a very fruitful and interesting conversation. Lunch was great too! I was randomly searching “pikes place vegetarian” when I stumbled upon this eatery – recommended for being vegetarian and budget-friendly. 3 entrees and 1 appetizer was well under $40. I’m not very familiar with Vietnamese food but it certainly fed my hunger and homesickness for Southeast Asian flavours.

After lunch, it was another short walk back to the hotel to rest before T had to report at the Sony booth for a walk through. While he was busy, I wandered off for a bit in the surrounding area, poking my head in some shops before meeting him again at the Convention Center. Then a little more walking found us in the infamous Post Alley Bubble Gum wall. I was in awe but T couldn’t wait to get out of there because the smell of chewed bubble gum made him ill. So we got out of there quickly and stumbled onto something that smelt a lot better – ice cream!

Starting from tomorrow though, I’ll be on my own. T will be showing his game at PAX Prime for the next 4 days. So it’s adventure time for me alone with almost no money! Let’s see what mischief I can get up to…