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Fat-shionista #557


So we went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy the other day and this is what I wore. It’s been pretty hot lately and even when the sun sets, it’s well over 40 Degree Celsius. No need for a cardigan or cover-up of any kind.

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Multi-coloured strapless maxi dress from THE ISLAND SHOP

Accessories: Hot pink baubles statement necklace from FOSSIL; Purple stretchy belt with gold buckle from RIVER ISLAND

Bag: Purple polka-dotted clutch from WISHFUL THINKING on

Footwear: Red lacquer platform sandals from ZARA WOMEN


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I’m so happy to hear that River Island will be back in Singapore through web-based multi-brand retailer Zalora!

NH_ChelseaGirl_05_078_v2 NH_ChelseaGirl_08_060_v2I’ve purchased many various things through that website – including my 2 favourite Steve Madden shoes (the square stud loafers and my sparkling purple ballet flats) and a cream-coloured trash can among other things. I love that it’s online shopping, free local delivery and RETURNS! No questions asked. I once bought a pair of shoes that were too small and they got someone to pick it up within 2 days and my money was refunded immediately!

So anyway, I was buying River Island even before they had stores in Singapore and was obviously gutted when the stores disappeared (I used to go to the one at Raffles City near where I worked).

Check out some of the River Island things I’ve worn in the past:

130528_RI_SH13-020_A_CMYKAs you can see, River Island is good for different styles – clothes and accessories. Zalora will be carrying everything from clothes, shoes to accessories for both men and women. Prices range from as low as S$20 odd for a camisole top to S$199 for a gown. What I think is great is that they will have a mix of past and current season stock at any given point in time.

And here are some of my RIVER ISLAND recommendations available on Zalora:
Happy shopping!!!
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Fat-shionista #491

This is a new top. I bought it yesterday and I haven’t washed it. I love it so much I had to wear it today! I know, I know… I’m supposed to be clearing my things and stop with the buying until my wardrobe is of acceptable size but I was weak. I went out shopping for gifts for T’s relatives and my friend Glenn’s birthday but I ended up spending about S$106 on myself. This top (S$24.90) and two necklaces from ACCESSORIZE (S$80.80). This just means that I’m gonna have to do another wardrobe clear out in the next few weeks. Heh… Give me 2 weeks to decide what I can part with… Heehee! I could definitely use some extra $$$

Anyway, I’ve been told that today’s get-up is quite unusual for me and I look more casual than on normal days. What can I say? I love this top a little too much to care! Also, it was raining when I left the house today!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Light blue Little Twin Stars 3/4 jersey from UNIQLO x SANRIO

Accessories: Navy hair bow from a swop meet; Pink ear studs from GRER (gift from Felix); Black calculator watch from CASIO

Bottoms: Navy jeans from RIVER ISLAND

Footwear: Mint ARIEL ballet flats from Le Bunny Bleu



Thanks Shridar for the photos!

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Fat-shionista #456

I was told not to wear large shoulders because my shoulders are wide enough but I’m making an exception for KRAFTWERK!!!! I’m watching Kraftwerk 3-D at the Esplanade Theatre tonight at 8pm! I heard limited tickets are still available if you want to join the “robots”…

So yeah, boxy shoulders, robots, Kraftwerk… You know?

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Grey tunic dress from RIVER ISLAND

Accessories: Pepperoni pizza brooch from TwinkieChan; Black pleather weave belt from thestreetsofbangkok

Leggings: Blue and pink hearts leggings from TOPSHOP

Footwear: Black square studs P Galia loafers from STEVE MADDEN



Thanks Mylene for sparing time from your busy schedule to quickly snap these photos for me!!!

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Fat-shionista #447

It’s a Saturday and I’m back at work. As I type this, there’s a heavy downpour outside. I’m safe and snug… Well as snug as I can at a work desk, indoors.

I’m wearing 2 items that are gifts from special men in my life – my dear old pal Ryddy bought this top during his last trip back to the UK and the hair bow is a purchase made by my boyfriend T, at the hot and noisy street markets of Bangkok.

Thanks Tamares for taking these photos! I love these dreamcatcher clouds!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: White Hi-Lo top with lipstick print from DOROTHY PERKINS

Bottom: Black tailored shorts from RIVER ISLAND

Accessories: Multi-coloured print hair print from thestreetsofbangkok

Footwear: Dracula vs Frankenstein Mary Janes from Em & Sprout on




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Fat-shionista #396

Today you get to see my photographer who is also my UK buyer/old-classmate/colleague and one of my closest friends. Say hello to Rydwan Anwar in his traditional Malay dress!


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Grey tunic top/dress with purple belt from RIVER ISLAND

Bottom: Black 3/4 wet look leggings from misss_2007 on eBay

Accessories: Stack of 7 bangles from NEW LOOK; Skinny Torq Bangle with Skull from ASOS; Carpe Diem brooch from UntamedMenagerie on etsy; Black faux leather cuff bracelet from YOYOSTORE2010 on eBay; Betsey Johnson heart “Love” earrings from child*of*antiquity on eBay

Footwear: Pink & leopard print FLATforms/creepers from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay



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Fat-shionista #395

Hey! It’s another WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY! My never worn before RAINBOW dress and BANANA earrings come out to play! Also, say hello to my photographer SHRIDAR! He gamely posed for pictures too! Heh!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Rainbow print skater dress from ASOS PETITE

Accessories: Banana earrings from BITSCH KITSCH; You Make Me Blush Rose necklace from ECLECTIC ECCENTRICITY; Purple belt came free with a RIVER ISLAND dress

Bottom: Peach Meringue Petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Footwear: Black truLISA cap toe Mary-Janes with slight wedge from ROCKPORT





Hope you’re enjoying my WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAYS! I know I am!

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Fat-shionista #388

Not sure what the theme is but I piled on the arm swag this morning and I’m so happy! I love accessories! They are so fun! I’m glad there are lots of trendy and quirky things you can buy in Asia for cheap!

In my former job, my first Principal (or was it the VP?) told us that we shouldn’t distract the students by wearing too many accessories – I was just wearing a pair of dangling earrings, nothing more. I was quite afraid of getting into trouble and I didn’t dare accessorize (only wearing a watch or a small fine chain with a teeny-tiny pendant). I didn’t really wear bracelets or bangles (although I really love them) because I was told by a senior teacher that they make too much noise. Also students will stare at your hands when you write on the whiteboard, instead of paying attention to you. I don’t know if that’s true, what do you think?

Maybe I’m making up for it now. Today I’ve gone apeshit with the accessories! HAHA!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Black tank top with red sequin hearts from NEW LOOK

Accessories: Ducks Charm Bracelet from WOODWOOD; Rock Love Music ring from INDIESIN; Stack of 7 black/bronze/silver bangles from NEW LOOK; Red & Bronze “Vivienne Westwood” bracelet from eBay; Black faux leather cuff bracelet from YOYOSTORE2010 on eBay; Black plastic bangle with ridges from THEBLACKGROUND: Black & gold skulls, lightning bolt and hearts earrings from PINKZOMBIES on; Copper chunky ring from ISLAND SHOP; Red round plastic ring from thestreetsofbangkok

Bottom: Navy stretch jeans from RIVER ISLAND

Footwear: Black ballet flats from GEOX

Thanks Tamares for taking these photos!



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Fat-Shionista #352

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Rainbow mosaic tank from H&M

Outerwear: Mustard yellow jacket from a nonameshop in Far East Plaza

Bottom: Black tailored cuff hem shorts from RIVER ISLAND

Accessories: Black dangling earrings from ISLAND SHOP; Scrabble tile sweater guard from Designs by Annette on, Big black plastic bow ring from DIVA Accessories

Bag: Black purse with neon pink piping from PRIMARK

Footwear: Teal crochet lace socks and Brown distressed leather boots from RUBI SHOES



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Fat-shionista #312

The pinks & leopard prints
The pinks & leopard prints
Can you say awkward?
Can you say awkward?

What I wore on 5 August 2011:

Top: Pink leopard print top with shoulder pads & stretchy belt from River Island

Accessories: Gold dangly earrings from Gogo Philip for Topshop

Bottom: Dark blue capris (worn as full length trousers) from Dorothy Perkins

Footwear: Pink patent leather slingback wedges from DMK

I suppose if you work in a regular office, this is quite over-the-top but since I work in a creative environment, I think as long as I am well-covered and not dressed like a slut, it’s ok.

80s retrospective with a millennial twist
80s retrospective with a millennial twist