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Fat-shionista #492

I’m wearing something I just wore recently (omg *gasp*). It’s really versatile and I really do love how it fits. Also, it has POCKETS! A tunic top/dress thing with pockets! As you can see, I didn’t bother ironing it after I got it off the line. It’s not doing too badly in my opinion. Also, I’ve been trying to find a way to feature this belt that my pal Ryddy gave me a few weeks back. It’s really cute and I love the buckle – the white leather skinny belt made it that little bit difficult though. I don’t like white in general so I didn’t have a clue how to wear this one. I hope it works though!

This MS. READ round-neck, long tabbed-sleeved tunic retails for SGD89 (only SGD69 if you flash the special wastedfashion SGD20 off flyer (when making purchase) from now till 31 July 2013. Also, if you’re interested in other specials, check out this page where I’ve listed all the discount codes you should use when shopping!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue tunic with tabbed sleeves from MS. READ

Accessories: Black calculator watch from CASIO; White skinny belt with Red lips buckle from ZARA; Black hairbow with paint splatter prints from thestreetsofbangkok

Leggings: Black tights with blue/pink hearts from TOPSHOP

Footwear: Pink sparkly ALL STAR stretch lace shoes from CONVERSE



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Fat-shionista #484

After 2 back to back crazy weekends (especially last week), I was so glad to get a break even if it was just 1 day. I think I love the adrenaline rush of work and it feels really good when it shows that you’ve put in a lot of yourself in it. We had two highly positive closing stories and I was quoted without missing a beat. It’s great to have a really dependable team you can count on to deliver the goods, run the show, keep the audiences safe and also make the 10, 000 things I want to say about the festival coherently concise. Now, my work is done and it’s bitter-sweet for me. I’ve given 5 years of myself to this festival and almost 7 years to the company. I go on a long holiday at the end of next month and I can’t wait to go back home to T in Las Vegas. We will be travelling across the USA and I can’t wait! Arizona, New York and California – here I come! Okay lah, in another 50 days…

Anyway, here’s an outfit post! I picked this dress from the racks off the Centrepoint MS. READ shop. It’s something from their R by MS. READ (trendy contemporary styles) range and retails for S$119 (use the “wastedfashion” 20% discount code and it’ll only cost you S$95.20).

It’s so generously cut that I went a size down and am wearing a UK14 for this. I don’t wear a lot of black just because fat girls are told to wear black and I refuse to abide by that “slimming”rule. But I’m not against it. As you can see, it drapes really well and is very flattering. The studs on the neckline and the front flap are nice details to an otherwise plain and simple dress. Wednesdays are our long meeting days, so I do try to dress more appropriately for work (no dress code in the creative industry though). I love that the sleeves are a comfortable fit – not too baggy and not too tight. Do you have the uncomfortable, cannot-raise arms armhole issue? I do sometimes but not here. Also, remember that I’m only 1.53m tall, so for the length of this dress is probably not going to work for someone over 1.6m unless you like minis.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Black front overlap studs dress from R by MS. READ

Accessories: Gold knotty weave metal dangling earrings from ALDO; Natural weave bangle from ISLAND SHOP

Footwear: Brown hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA



So how does one go about slimming one’s face? I’ve still got the same round fat cheeks with the double chins.


From now till 31st July 2013, flash the above image (on your smart phone or mobile device) for a straight SGD20 off your total bill (for regular priced items) in store at 3 locations – Centrepoint, Metro Paragon and Metro Woodlands. wastedfashion readers can also get 20% discount for 1 entire year until 30 June 2014 by asking for the “wastedfashion discount”. (NOTE: Both discounts cannot be used simultaneously.)

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A special offer from MS. READ


Just for wastedfashion readers in Singapore, the plus-sized brand for curvy women – MS. READ, is offering a special discount from now till 31st July 2013! All you need to do is flash the above image (on your smart phone or mobile device) for a straight SGD20 off your total bill (for regular priced items) in store at 3 locations – Centrepoint, Metro Paragon and Metro Woodlands.

Also the kind folks at MS. READ are offering wastedfashion readers a 20% discount for 1 entire year until 30 June 2014! Just say you want the wastedfashion discount and you get 20% off your total bill of regular priced items! What do you think about that?! Better than lugging a loyalty card around, yes? (NOTE: Both discounts cannot be used simultaneously.)

MS. READ is a brand established in Malaysia in 1997 and opened their first store in Singapore in 2007. Their most popular items to date are jackets, the must-haves of the season and their shift dresses. Prices are affordable and good value for their quality, ranging from $69-99 for tops; $89-$139 for dresses and $69-$99 for bottoms! I would go so far and say that they give a certain British multinational retailer known to carry bigger sized apparel a good run for their money.

Under the brand, they carry a few different ranges to cater to all curvy women.

The MS. READ label is dedicated to fuller figured, curvy women who enjoy wearing a timeless, yet refined look in everyday life. Jackets and suits are a must, to be combined with easy-to-wear separates; while casual outfits and After 5 wear are a clever combination of glamour and sophistication, full of colour, prints and timeless classics.

R by MS. READ is a label focusing on carefully considered in trend styles for the contemporary fuller figured, curvy woman that is suitable for the different occasions of her modern life.

My Everyday Shirt is a range of shirts in six different silhouettes to suit various body shapes. Fuller figured, curvy women of all ages and from all walks of life can wear it dressed up with accessories or kept simple with a pair of jeans. It’s versatile and can be worn from work to play, any day of the week.


I dropped by the MS. READ boutique at Centrepoint to better understand what they offer and they do indeed have plenty in different styles for curvy women at different stages in their lives. I found muted tones amidst the colour blocks as well as trendy geometric prints and florals. It’s also work wear galore with many solid choices of flattering shift dresses, structured jackets and mixable staples. There are several very helpful sales assistants to make recommendations so if you find yourself lost because of the wide variety or are unsure about what suits you, feel free to approach any of them.

Take the escalator up to the 2nd floor and walk past MNG and PAYLESS to get to the store. It’s tucked away in a quiet corner where you know you’ll find some peace to shop.

In conjunction with the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE, the store also has discounts up to 70% off! I saw fun maxi dresses going for just over SGD20 and lots of well-tailored smart casual pieces too!

MS. READ can be found in the following locations:

The Centrepoint (10.30am – 9.30pm.)

T: +65 6735 7347
As well as Metro Paragon (10am-9.30pm) and Metro Woodlands (10am-10pm) Woodlands till Aug 11 unless otherwise stated.

You can find them online at

Go ahead! Be inspired! I know I was and you’ll be seeing me togged out in some new MS. READ apparel soon! Watch the next few posts as I share my picks!