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POPSUGAR Must Have Box February 2014


February is a wonderful time, and not just because it’s the month oflove. It’s after the holiday rush but before all of Spring’s activities, making it the perfect opportunity to sit back and treat yourself well. For that reason, you’ll find beauty products like an extraspecial face serum, noteworthy nail polish, and a relaxing candle. Of course, we wouldn’t forget a little something (or two) for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. Dare we say not even Cupid could deliver a better surprise?Unwrap and enjoy!


I really really like this month’s Popsugar box! While I can’t say that it lives up to the name “MUST HAVE BOX”, virtually everything is good and I believe I’m getting a good deal out of this one even though some of the items have rather inflated retail prices in my opinion. I’m not sure about the candle but that’s just it.

What would make it even better is if the swopped out the candle and put in some yummy popcorn… hahahahha!




I think my top 3 items are the Nourish Organic serum (give me anything organic and I love skincare), the ModelCo lip duo (surprisingly yummy smelling and just a hint of flush colour) and the Dial bodywash. I do think the jewelry roll and the nail polish are very overpriced. And again, I say, stop with the candles already. Bah!!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2014

This box came about 2 weeks ago and I never did sit down to talk about what I think of it. As with other boxes, there are hits and misses. More hits this round because I found the perfect recipient for one of the items in the box and there is a full-sized designer beauty product included (already worth more than the value of the box)!


It’s crazy to think that we’re already into 2014, but there’s nothing quite as exciting as a fresh start. To help you check off those thoughtful resolutions, you’ll find one-of-a-kind products like designer beauty accessories and tech gear that’ll change up your routine for the better. Want to eat healthier or take a life-changing trip? Your supply box is right here. Cheers to all the great things the New Year has in store!





My favourite item in this month’s box is the face mask, followed by the tech gloves (which I really wanted). Strangely, no info could be found online about Jack + Lucy. Oh yeah, the PIPCORN was really good and in a different way from which the popcorn from last month’s box was good. I’d definitely buy both again. The popcorn in PIPCORN was tiny and they weren’t kidding when they called it mini. The truffle oil lent it a really subtle savoury flavour that was so fragrant. Mmmm… T and I loved it.
My main gripe with this month’s box is the calendar. Personally don’t need one because I haven’t got a place to put it nor do I need to tell the days anymore (sigh…) Also, a calendar is January!? I think people would’ve appreciated it if it came in November or December. Then again, I did see that on their website, it’s now US$12 instead of US$16 – perhaps they were included in this month’s box because they needed to clear them. With that said, I do think the RIFLE PAPER CO things are cute (but I’m not into stationery).
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POPSUGAR Must Have Box December 2013


This box actually arrived over a week ago but I haven’t had time to look through its contents because of my family’s visit. I’d say it’s mostly (not all) good but I like it a little less than last month’s box mostly because there are some things that are of no use (i.e. zero value) to me.

We like to think of this December box as the wish list you never knew you needed. To make this time of year even more wonderful than it already is, you’ll find portable Champagne flutes, a revolutionary mascara, and rich caramel corn – and that’s just the beginning. Unwrap for plenty more surprises to keep the celebration going till 2014. Happy holidays from us to you!


IMG_2069In terms of dollar value, it does exceed what I paid many times over but really, it doesn’t feel that way when there are so many things I don’t know what to do with. I’m not saying that these items are not worth what they retail for, it’s just that I wouldn’t have put up any money for them. At the same time, food items are somewhat cop-outs because I didn’t really subscribe to the POPSUGAR box for food. While I appreciate them, I’d rather get interesting items that I can actually use or try out.

Raves (i.e. stuff I really dig):

Rants (i.e. of no value to me)


What do you think of my Rants and Raves divide? Are you interested in any of the items I don’t want? Would you like to swop me? Let me know!
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POPSUGAR Must Have Box November 2013

IMG_1499This arrived on 12th November and I was quite excited to see what I got. I reckon this is a little better than last month’s box (which I was quite disappointed with).

With the holidays kicking into high gear very soon, we wanted to make your life easier with practical but swoon-worthy pieces. From a cozy wrap to a new way to remove nail polish, you’ll find everything to get you through November and beyond. Of course, the season wouldn’t be complete without a touch of caramel apple or pinecone scent, so look out for that as well as a few items to brighten your Thanksgiving whether you’re a hostess or a guest. We hope you enjoy this month’s goodies as much as we do. Let the festivities begin!


I’m glad the little card that explains this month’s curated theme is included. It went missing last month and I thought it was just a lot of weird things that I didn’t want put together. I’m quite excited to say that I like 6 of the items in this box and while some of them are overpriced (or maybe just too pricey for my pocket), I think they are well worth the USD35 I paid.


This month’s box includes:

Where do I start? I love the candle and I can’t wait to soak in a bath with the candle burning. T loves folk art and aztec prints… but I love this scarf too, so I’m not sure if I’m keeping it for my own use or using it as house decor. The wine tote is handy and well-made, however we’re not teetotalers so if I’m not carrying water or a soda, I might give it away to someone for Christmas. The jam!!! OMG so freaking tasty! Okay, not jam… they’re preserves. I was in upstate New York  earlier in September when I bought a bottle of homemade preserves from an organic farm BUT I forgot to eat it and left it in my carry-on bag. It ended up being tossed at the airport… *sigh* But now I have a bottle of this great stuff! I’m definitely using the nail polish remover myself. This would be a great time to bring out those bottles of nail polish from last month’s box! And I’m hoping that at least one of our wedding photos from the in-house photographer at Viva Las Vegas will have a picture of us worthy to use the Canvaspop giftcard! YAY!

IMG_1498A total value of USD122.73!

Did you get a POPSUGAR box too? What did you think of this month’s box?

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2013

This is quite strange that I got my October box so early. My September box arrived just recently and it hasn’t even been quite a month yet. I’m happy though. I like that it’s already here. I must say I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth for this month’s box, but I guess these things are always a hit and miss. I don’t like gift card-y things so I feel like the “value” is wasted on me. Also, the pink tissue that was holding the contents in the box was completely ripped on one side and the little pink card that explained the contents and the curatorial theme behind this month’s box is missing. Quite haphazardly packed, perhaps? Booo to you Popsugar!

Anyway, here are the contents of my box:

A total value of USD166.73 which I paid USD 35 for. On the surface you’d say not bad but most of this stuff has no value to me but I’m going to try to use what I can.

I love the crispy cake even though I think it might have contained gelatine (guilty)! The Wet Brush does actually just feel like a regular brush to me. Those bobby pins are waaaay overpriced even though Jane Tran does really cute ones on their site. I love NYX but these are not the colours for me – might put this in my Christmas Swop if my partner is a suitable candidate. I will try to use the nail polish though I’m hardly good at painting them. Maybe T can help me with it. HAHAHA… And that bracelet – seriously 45 bucks??!?! It won’t even go round my wrist… sigh.

Did you get a POPSUGAR box this month? Is it worth your while?