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Couponing: SGD18 instead of SGD48 for Classic Gelish Manicure @ Orchard

Date: 22 February 2013

Deal: SGD 18 instead of SGD 48 for Classic Gelish Manicure @ Orchard

– One session of Classic Gelish Manicure
– BeauMax uses SuperNail ProGel
– Wide range of colours to choose from
– Experienced, skilled nail therapists
– Central location in Orchard

How it went:

All the above were true and I was happy. Found International Building easily (it’s right next to Shaw Towers, with the 24hr TCC at the ground floor) and the lifts were fast/accessible. If you like the convenience of town but are afraid of Orchard Road prices, and do not want the noise in the maze that is Far East Plaza, this is a good option. This building is quiet and not bustling with activities. Very private and cosy.


Other than nail services, they also provide facials, waxing and massages. There are 3 rooms and a total of 8 integrated seats (high-back cushioned seating with individual taps for soaking feet) for mani-pedis.

The deal said I could call, SMS or email to book an appointment. I emailed on 18 February and didn’t get a reply, so I smsed on 19th February and within 2 hours, my appointment was confirmed.


I opted to do additional nail art and I kept going back and forth with what I wanted. My therapist patiently explained to me the various prices for all the various types available while she was cleaning my cuticles and shaping my nails. I then settled on adding polka dots to all my nails and 2 hand crafted acrylic bows for an additional $25. So I paid a total of $43. I like gel-based polishes because they are quick to dry and long-lasting. So that’s okay. (Everything took me about 50minutes and I went out with my polish completely dried, so no weird finger action there.)



Overall a good experience – they didn’t hard sell when I told them I couldn’t commit to a 10-session package because I’m not sure how long I’ll be here and I only do my nails once every 2 months or so. They have a good deal going though – $38.80 x 10 sessions includes soak off and 3 additional FOC glitter overlays.

Recommended!! Check out

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The Amenity at Upper Aljunied Road

I just visited my neighbourhood spa. It’s been in operation for about a year now and I’ve never stepped in till today.

Prices are very reasonable. I like the environment. Very quiet but a slow stream of customers kept coming in. It’s great because it’s not crowded but it can remain a viable business. Operation hours are 11am to 11pm so I imagine that if I really need to, I can just cross the road and get a full body massage after work.

There are 4 body massage rooms, 6 huge foot reflexology armchairs (which can tilt backwards), 3 foot soak stations and a mani-pedi section.

I went for a 40-min foot reflexology (yes I just went for one yesterday but I really think I need it). It was good! I was brought to a foot bath area for a soak with bath salts before the treatment. I was also given 2 hot towels (one before & one after), hot tea and some butter cookies (yum)!

I appreciate the location’s convenience and the environment so after the treatment, I bought $100 worth of credits (additional $25 free) with no expiry date.

The Amenity Traditional Massage. 381 Upper Aljunied Road. Singapore 367866. Tel: 62816381









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Couponing: Choice of Nail Treatment at Allure Nail Lounge

Date: 9 August 2011

Deal: $28 for Choice of Nail Treatment at Allure Nail Lounge (Worth up to $88)

How it went:

Other than the fact that I waited close to 45 minutes for the therapist to turn up, it was ok actually. My appointment was for 11am on a public holiday, so I took it slow and leisurely. I had my iPhone with me and it was a nice environment so I didn’t fuss. On another day though, having to wait for more than 20 minutes even after booking an appointment in advance, I’d flip!

Allure Nail Lounge shares a unit with a foot reflexology place
Allure Nail Lounge shares a unit with a foot reflexology place

Serangoon Gardens in a nice place and I’d like to live there if I could afford it. I think most people need a car as it is not very accessible. You’ll need to take a winding feeder bus service to get to the Bus Interchange or MRT station (I think). If I lived here, I wouldn’t mind buying a package at Allure Nail Lounge. The problem was I didn’t and while it’s not very far from where I live, it was a little inconvenient to get to if you didn’t drive. I took a bus to Serangoon Central (about 10 minutes) then took a feeder bus to Serangoon Gardens. When I got there, I was kinda confused. It said Allure Nail Lounge on the top but it had that foot reflexology diagram. When I got to the entrance, I saw a big burly middle-aged (50s?) man carrying a bucket like he was going to clean or wash something. I peeped in and saw bottles of nail polish and decided to brave it. Turns out they were one unit. No barriers or anything. Just one big open space.

Big open concept. Very quiet on a public holiday morning.
Big open concept. Very quiet on a public holiday morning.

My manicurist didn’t turn up till almost 11.45pm and I was worried she’d take a long time to complete both my hands and feet. I sure didn’t want to spend the entire day there! Luckily she was quick and neat! Before 60 minutes were up, I had my Classic Mani/Pedi done! And because they used a quick-dry topcoat, I didn’t have to sit there very long to wait for my nails to dry.

OPI Hot & Spicy
OPI Hot & Spicy
OPI Orge the Top Blue
OPI Orge the Top Blue

Was it worth $88? Maybe. I usually pay about $65 for a Classic Mani/Pedi. But definitely a good deal at $28, barring the long wait. I think she did a good job and it was a nice, comfortable, spacious environment (because no foot reflexology customers were there yet maybe). She tried recommending me some treatments and when I said no, she didn’t push. So that was good too.