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Fat-shionista #439

Hello! Here’s a dress I haven’t worn in a while! Enjoy it while it lasts because this blog is facing extinction and like my other social media accounts, I might delete it soon.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Red/white floral print dress with heart-shaped cutout from NEW LOOK

Accessories: Ducks charm bracelet from WOODWOOD; Stack of 7 black/bronze/silver bangles from NEW LOOK; Rocket Popsicle Brooch from TWINKIE CHAN; Big black plastic bow ring from DIVA ACCESSORIES

Footwear: Black hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA




Thank you Cecilia for taking these photos just before we scooted off to lunch!!

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Hello again, Bandung

I have been in Bandung for 2 days and it feels so good just to have a break! It’s been a year since my last trip to Bandung, Indonesia. I loved my holiday so much that I wanted to go back. This trip, I am traveling with Joe and Eugene. It’s been heaps of fun! We are currently staying at the Banana Inn Hotel and we’ve been hanging out a lot at Lou Belle Shop (56 Jl. Setiabudi), shopping at Rumah Mode factory outlet, eating Dutch-Indonesian fusion food (Bloemen, Braga Permai, Maja House etc.)

I also met up with my mates Rara, Marin, Fitrah and Rinta! So happy to see them again!

There’re loads of places here with free wifi and Joe has been compulsively seeking the wifi password wherever we rest. I check-in to Foursquare, blog, tweet and check emails as I go. It’s awesome leeching off wifi instead of paying for data roaming!