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Rainforest Cafe, Las Vegas

The day after our wedding, we took the opportunity to have lunch with T’s sister, his brother-in-law and niece before they headed back home to California. Since they were staying at the Luxor, we went to The Strip for lunch. T picked one of the few places on The Strip he’s actually eaten at and liked. The Rainforest Cafe, which his sister brought him to the first time he went.


Outside the cafe, they had a crazy rainforest-themed gift shop (as with the entire restaurant). We ended up buying a plushie for T’s niece (my new niece) Sophia. I was a little confused as to what it actually was though – either a lemur or a slow loris. Whatever it is, it had huge eyes and a pink tail (just the day before, Sophia told me her favourite colour was pink… then purple and blue). What is it? It’s that thing T is holding in the photo. Can anyone identify it for me?

IMG_0953This place I feel is largely a restaurant for children, okay, family-friendly. It is a little pricier than what you’d pay for the exact same quality for food. The ambience, decor and animatronics, as well as the fact that it is in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip does justify it. I mean, one does not walk into MGM Grand everyday for a casual lunch, right?

The kids menu was pretty decent and there was more than 1 vegetarian option for us to pick from (not just salads). They also told us that they could get the chef to swop out some ingredients and customise certain sauces for vegetarians. On top of that, Sophia was also given some crayons and a colouring sheet to entertain herself with.

IMG_0954The crazy animal feet bar stools and the gift shop aside, there were at least 2 salt-water fish tanks, a regular thunderstorm booming, and animatronics (inside the gift shop and the restaurant). Gorillas, elephants, butterflies etc, all moved in different parts of the restaurant. This makes it a great place for families to bring their children BUT don’t bring the tiny ones or they might be freaked out when the random animatronics are set off.

On the day we went, our server was kept real busy, but still very attentive. I noticed a major spill at a nearby table that was efficiently cleaned up – guys in safari suits and their walkies just swooped in and mopped up the liquid, cleared up the ice cubes.

IMG_0955We spent a total of about $110 for the 5 of us, including the 20% gratuity (at the bottom of the bill, they calculate the suggested 15, 18 & 20% tip for you so you can just choose what you want to add to the payment without having to work out the sum yourself). It’s a little more than we usually spend when we eat out though I think it’s not a place we’d go to very often. Seeing as it was a special day and we don’t really know when we’ll see them again, for the experience, it was a steal!


MGM Casino & Hotel

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 891-8580

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Oh by the way, I got married

20131029-035341.jpgOh hey… Guess what? I got married last Saturday. In Vegas, of course. By Darth Vader, no less. These pixellated photos are courtesy of screen captures from the LIVE STREAM. We didn’t have both our mothers in attendance and I also wanted to share the occasion with my close friends back in Singapore, so we had a video broadcast of the event!

Yes! We finally did it and this means, no more long distance. Hopefully, we will never ever have to spend a night apart again (okay, not for months at a stretch, I mean).

It was a small ceremony held at Viva Las Vegas, that hopefully is indicative of our lives together henceforth – there was some planning (we both wanted something that spoke to our geek sides), some budgeting (everything including BOTH our clothes, shoes, accessories, the rental of the chapel, photographer, minister’s fee, marriage license etc was under $2000), some frivolous fun, lots of laughter and always inclusive of our friends and families no matter where they are.

It still feels surreal.

Before the actual wedding, we had to get our marriage license. Easy peasy! USD60 as well as a valid passport or photo ID that displays your full name and date of birth is all it takes. The Clark County Marriage Bureau operates 365 days a year from 8am to midnight every day and when we were there, I observed people from all over, not just US citizens. All kinds of people come here to get married in the Wedding Capital of the World, many spontaneously and some were already in their wedding clothes – straight after getting their marriage licence, they would head to a chapel (there are dozens nearby) to be married!

Less than a year ago when T said he was going to marry me, I basically laughed and said “We’ll see about that…”, and now we’re here. I think my mother loved T more than any other guy I’ve brought home, because you know… he’s just so decent and proper, and was only too happy to let me do this (with just a hint of being scandalized because I didn’t do the proper “handover” aka Chinese tea ceremony before I ran away to get married to an Ang Mo in a foreign country). But that’s that and we’re going to try get it sorted out soon so my family’s honour can be restored… *koffkoff*

So hello everyone! This is it! I’m the new Mrs T Happ!

And if you want to bless our home with a gift or two… here’s our Amazon Wedding Gift Registry or scoot over there for some stalking and see what kind of people we are. HAHA!


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My week of domestic bliss in Las Vegas

I was away in Las Vegas for about a week and just got back this morning in the wee hours. It’s been surreal and I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms. Or maybe it’s just jet lag. It took me almost a day to get back to Singapore but here I am! Las Vegas, Portland, Narita, Singapore… bleagh… I hate flying. I hate this long-distance relationship thing even more.

Every moment was precious and other than spending time together, T and I managed to catch up with some friends. My dear friend G, whom I’ve known since we were 7 (we were Primary schoolmates at CHIJ Toa Payoh), specially drove in from Los Angeles with her husband and baby. G and I kept in touch even though she left Singapore to attend high school ages ago. I’ve hung out with her and her husband on several occasions when they came back to visit in Singapore but this is the first time I’m meeting her 2-year old, Conrad. We had our first sleepover guests and it was great!!! I loved every moment and I’m so terribly envious of her. Her son is not only gorgeous but so incredibly intelligent for a 2-year old! He’s definitely ahead of his peers in many ways! We had so much fun visiting Circus Circus and playing with the different claw machines! G’s husband was on a roll and won just about every kind of plushie possible for their baby. They ended up with a bunch of toy cars too!! It was crazy! We ended Day 2 of their visit at the Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Palace and after an hour long wait in line, I just went nuts! I think it was definitely made better eating with friends… I can’t wait to see them again in LA when I go visit next!



T and I spent most of our time just doing nothing in particular. I loved cooking, cleaning, walking Max, splashing about the pool within the housing community, watching movie after movie on Netflix and just lounging about talking endlessly with T about the most inane things. He drove me around every other day just to see the sights – sometimes with the top of his Corvette down and now I’ve got a tan from the desert sun (my mother doesn’t like it and was lamenting about how my fair skin is now dark).


IMG_4903 IMG_4956 IMG_4977 IMG_4960

Of course, I had to go to the Las Vegas Strip (well, kinda) and pay a visit to the premium outlet malls. We also drove up to Mount Charleston and I fell in love with the views. I’m thinking I want to spend a night in one of the log cabins there in Winter. Maybe Mount Charleston Lodge?

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting different supermarkets and buying a lot of household things. We just filled the house with food, containers, cutlery, and I even bought myself a super cute cupcake print apron from Cost Plus World Market. I think I also ate too much and would need to watch my food intake for the next month! We went to Gigi’s Cupcakes on E Flamingo (their mini ones are better), Claim Jumper in Henderson (love love love their Spinach Artichoke dip), had the best veggie cheeseburger in my entire life at Capriotti’s and an amazing avocado filled egg roll at The Cheesecake Factory (okay, their cheesecakes are faaaaaab too!).

My week has come and gone. We’ll be apart for another 92 days and I’ll go back again to this domestic bliss….

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