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Fat-shionista #498

These couple of weeks have been really tiring. Other than work, my family and I have been taking turns with the care of my maternal grandmother, as well as the household chores since our last maid went back to the Philippines and we all have full-time jobs. I’m mostly in charge of bathing my grandmother, bathing the dog, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and cooking. Hence, you know… the lack of updates.

On the upside, I’m counting down to my big holiday!! Another 2 1/2 weeks before I fly! Can’t wait to get back to Vegas to see T and take Max out for a walk again! And during the weekend of September 7, we will be in New York! *woot*

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Rainbow print skater dress from ASOS PETITE

Accessories: Green & silver multi-strand necklace from ACCESSORIZE

Bottom: Peach Meringue Petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Footwear: Pink/Leopard print flatforms/creepers from FromTheHeel on eBay

Today’s photos are by my wonderful colleague Jovin using my 2nd hand iPhone 4 and of course, as usual, taken just outside our office. HAHA! I’m not even apologetic about how basic and easily this is done. How do other bloggers do it? Going to a different location each time and lugging a huge-ass camera everyday.




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Fat-shionista #486

OMG it’s Friday! Where did the week go? Wooooosh! And you know what? It’s the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony tomorrow! I’m bringing my pal, Natalie aka DJ Pixiedub as my date (approved by T, of course). She’s really excited and was egging me on to dress according to their 60s-theme. I had plans to wear something else though… BAH!

Today’s outfit, I feel befits the coming of the weekend. This MS. READ round-neck, long tabbed-sleeved denim-lookalike (100% tencel. SO soft and so light!) retails for SGD89 (only SGD69 if you flash the special wastedfashion SGD20 off flyer from now till 31 July 2013. No need to print. Just show on your mobile device.). But hurry! It’s one of their season must-haves and a top seller!!! I can see why it’s popular. It didn’t look like much when I saw it online but I thought I would just try it on because I was surprised by the material texture when I saw it in the store. You can wear the sleeves up or up. If you’re taller than I am, pairing it with capris or 3/4 leggings and ballet flats would be a great casual weekend look. Also I’m wearing my regular size, UK16 here.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue tunic with tabbed sleeves from MS. READ

Accessories: Green thick cord necklace from FONDA (at FAR EAST PLAZA); Gold weave belt from H&M

Footwear: Pink & leopard print creepers/flatforms from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay




From now till 31st July 2013, flash the above image (on your smart phone or mobile device) for a straight SGD20 off your total bill (for regular priced items) in store at 3 locations – Centrepoint, Metro Paragon and Metro Woodlands. wastedfashion readers can also get 20% discount for 1 entire year until 30 June 2014 by asking for the “wastedfashion discount”. (NOTE: Both discounts cannot be used simultaneously.)

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Fat-shionista #478

This outfit was almost postponed till tomorrow. The Indonesian forest fires are wreaking major havoc on air quality in Singapore. Yesterday, PSI (Pollutants Standards Index) levels were as high as 155 – with a 101 – 200 being unhealthy. (According to THIS SITE, it is 202 in Central Singapore as I type this post.) As I was making my way home last night, I progressively felt my throat closing in on me. By the time I got home at around 8.30pm, I realised why. My eyes were irritated and OPTREX eye lotion (the eye baths) became my best friend. I also guzzled water throughout the night.

This morning I woke up feeling really bad. My nose, eyes and throat were just shutting down their defenses and I headed for the clinic. I was given a day’s medical leave, some throat gargle, flu tablets and medicated eye drops. But because I already had meetings scheduled for 5pm and 7.30pm, I had to get dressed and go to work. So TAH DAH!!! Thank you Sianny for the pictures.

This is the 2nd piece sponsored by FLOW.

Say hello to my Twisted Front & Back dress which I now have in 2 colours – blue and fuchsia. I have to be honest and say that it’s not true to its colour description but I think I love it more than if it was a regular pinkish fuchsia. It is definitely darker and more like a jewel tone in person than reflected in my photos.

The dress is a luscious purple and I know this shade to be great for people of all skin tones. I’m a regular fair-skinned Asian (NC25) but I totally can see this working on someone who’s darker – gorgeously tawny gold tans or glowing brown tones. I love that the twisty front and back of the dress disguises lumps – you know, the belly folds and the back fats? Also, it’s so super stretchy and soft, like a lycra but less shiny, more velvety. I love that you don’t have to iron this and it won’t crease – notice the trend? But again, please use a felt hanger. Maybe double it over the bar to prevent it from over-stretching from hanging. The description on the FLOW website says it’s “EVENING” wear but I wore this to office. This is definitely a piece that can take you all the way to evening cocktail hour. Dress it up with a bolder lipstick, maybe a statement necklace and glossy high heels to transition.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Purple Twisted Front & Back dress from FLOW

Accessories: Stack of 7 black/bronze bangles from NEW LOOK

Footwear: Nude platform heels from FromTheHeel on eBay



FLOW - blog readers

Download and print the above image to enjoy SGD20 off of your purchase of regular-priced items from 14-27 June 2013 at Isetan Scotts.

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Fat-shionista #471

Hey everyone it’s a busy day at work so I’m gonna keep it short!

  • My pal Juanita featured me on her blog recently under this new interview series called “Friendly Feature” where she asked me to share a little more about myself. Read it HERE
  • Help me win one for the fat girls! Everyone please don’t forget to VOTE FOR ME for the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards under Levi’s Best Fashion Blog category. Online votes constitute 30%! My chances are inversely porportionate to my girth (i.e. ultra slim), I haven’t featured in the Top 3 at all. Everyone can vote once a day from now till 23 June 2013! All you need to do is create an account here to VOTE and you also stand a chance to win some JBL speakers worth $200-$250 if I win! Thank you thank you thank you in advance!
  • This Saturday, I’m participating in my friend’s yard sale! 8 June 2013, Tanjong Katong Road from 11am to 6pm! I’m selling over 100 items – books, DVDs, clothes, bags, accessories etc. Details HERE. Come down and say hi? I won’t bite!

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing today:

Dress: Charcoal grey cotton jersey JULIA dress from Patricia Valery on

Accessories: Crochet pepperoni pizza brooch from Twinkie Chan on

Leggings: Black 3/4 wet-look leggings from Miss S Clothing on ebay

Footwear: Pink leopard print creepers/flatforms from From The Heel on ebay


Thanks Sian Eng for the quick shoot!!

And there! In under 10 minutes, Sian Eng took these photos, I composited them and wrote up this post! Hope you like today’s outfit! So bloody comfortable lah! Okay back to the day job!

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Fat-shionista #429

Yet another HELL BUNNY dress and I think my last in a while. My closet is bursting again and I am planning to do another massive clear out!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Gypsy Lola Floral Mini Prom Summer Dress from HELL BUNNY (purchased at Sirens & Starlets)

Accessories: FAT necklace from FANCY LADY INDUSTRIES; Silver resin skull & crossbones ring from GREEDYSASSY (purchased at LOU BELLE SHOP); Black calculator watch from CASIO

Leggings: Black opaque tights with silver skulls & crossbones

Footwear: Beige heeled brogues from FROMTHEHEEL



Thanks to my photographer Sian Eng!

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Fat-shionista #425

This is my favourite HELL BUNNY dress of the moment! If you want to buy me a gift for Christmas, I still love skulls & crossbones motifs but I also like pastel florals now. And if you can afford to get me a HELL BUNNY dress, I’m a UK16. Please get something with a smocked, stretchy back, no halter-necks and nothing too long. Hahahha!!! *shameless* No harm asking right?


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Mint green “LOUISA” floral cherry rockabilly dress from HELL BUNNY

Bottom: Black 3/4 wet look leggings from Miss S Clothing on eBay

Outwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: Black “Kiss At Midnight” earrings from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE; Black calculator watch from CASIO; Pink flower headband from Millie ‘n’ Mae on eBay

Footwear: Black crochet socks from RUBI SHOES; Beige chunky heeled brogues from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay




Thanks Shridar for taking these photos whilst standing in these awesome new boaters!