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Fat-shionista #561


This is my Japanese-housewife-goes-weekly-grocery-run look. *koffkoff*

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Beige floral print dress from ESPRIT

Outwear: Beige & brown stripped cropped cardigan from OLD NAVY

Accessories: Dark brown Sea Grass Crusher hat from Michael Stars; White & gold vintage necklace from eBay

Footwear: Black strappy peeptoe heels from KIMCHI BLUE (Urban Outfitters)


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Fat-shionista #506


As of today, it’s 1 day shy of 3 weeks since I’ve been here with T. I have been enjoying every moment and savouring our time together – long-distance relationships are hard and I always forget how much I missed being together until whenever we are physically together.

When T is out at work, I try to do the household chores (make the bed, laundry, dishes, walk Max, collect mail, cook and some serious spring cleaning of closets/rooms), come online to read blogs, chat with my friends, email my family, then potter around the house doing random things. I look forward to the evenings when T gets home from work. We usually get a little time together at dinner then he goes off to work on his game. I sit and read or do more surfing of the internet while he and Max snuggle up on the couch to code. Other than visiting his family the last 2 weekends, I get to go out once or twice a week like to the supermarket or follow T to run errands. It definitely is a far cry from what I’m normally up to  but this to me (for now at least), is domestic bliss.


Yesterday, he rushed home from work in the afternoon to get me so that we could go get his vision corrected. He could drive there but needed me to drive him home after surgery. I am “proud” to say that his Corvette only stalled like 10 freaking times under my driving *bleagh* I’m so terrible at driving manual transmission cars – why do they even have them anymore?!?! The clutch is there to help you change gears but they have found a better way of doing that – it’s called AUTOMATIC transmission… HELLO?

Anyway, this was what I wore yesterday:

Top: Black sleeveless KISS Hello Kitty t-shirt from FOREVER21

Outerwear: Black 3/4 sleeved babydoll cardigan from ESPRIT

Accessories: Set of 4 bangles from PRIMARK; Neon Green teardrop thread earrings from FOREVER21

Bottom: Lilac polka dotted jeans from OLD NAVY

Footwear: Sparkly purple patent leather ballet flats from STEVE MADDEN

I love the colour of my brand new OLD NAVY jeans which I got for a steal at just over USD12 with FREE SHIPPING. I’m wearing a US14 Petite and they are still kinda long (see how they bunch up at my ankles) – this happens ALL THE TIME. I’m just about 5′ tall. Anyhoos, I don’t love the fact that they are “super skinnies”. I think my legs are too chunky and my calves are HUGE – they are tighter at my calves than anywhere else. Other than that, such a cute lilac right? And my shoes were sparkling in the sunlight yesterday!

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Fat-shionista #461

Accompanying this outfit post today are 2 side rants. You’re in for a treat!

1) How lost my business
I’ve ordered from Delia’s several years ago and this was before I discovered ASOS 2 years back. I recently checked in to see what they had, saw that there was free shipping for orders over USD75 and frivolously picked a bunch of SALE items to send to T’s home address because I’ll be there in 2 weeks for a holiday anyway. For some reason they wouldn’t take my VERIFIED Paypal because it is an overseas account, so I used my credit card. Then 2 days ago, I made another frivolous purchase of a bunch of other things that I don’t need but thought they were cheap and cute. This morning at about 1am, T received a call from Delia’s looking for me. He gave them my Singapore number but I guess he gave them the wrong number and I suspected it might be one of my online shopping deliveries. So anyway, at about 4am, he told me to email them but said I need to send a photo ID and a scan of the front and back of my card because I have an international card. And again at about 7am (Singapore time), I got another email from them to call their Order Management Services Department no later than 13th May 2013 or else my order will be cancelled.

So I did what any person in my position would do – read it as a sign that I should stop buying frivolous things I don’t need online and wrote them a polite email to apologize for the inconvenience and feel free to cancel my order. Note that the 30 April 2013 order came through fine and apparently it has been shipped. My card wasn’t declined either. Also I have just recently made some Forever21 and Urban Outfitters orders with no problems at all. So… there you go. Sorry Delia’s. I won’t go through all that trouble to buy a bunch of stuff that I can get in other places for similar prices and less hassle.

Delia’s should review their verification processes as there are more orthodox methods than asking people to scan and email images of their cards. It is troublesome and unsafe.

2) An older woman of 60 gave up her seat for me today
That’s exactly what happened. Some older lady thought I was pregnant and gave up her seat on a crowded bus for me. When a guy tried to take the seat before I could get to it, she shushed him and pointed to me. People made way for me to get to the seat. *koffkoff* So in order not to embarrass her, I did the cursory pat on the belly to tell her my (non-existant) baby thanks her for the seat. But in all seriousness, I think it’s time to do something about this distended belly. Apparently the rest of me is not fat enough for people to realise I’m just fat.

And now that is over, let’s get down to…

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Beige floral print dress from ESPRIT

Outerwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: Agate and Quartz semi-precious stone earrings from DUSK Jewelry; Wooden sleeping fox brooch from Dulcetfig




My hair is starting to look like crap and I’m resisting the urge to cut it. Watch this space and see if I do anything to it in the next few days!

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Fat-shionista #370

This was supposed to be yesterday’s WTFW. It’s not Wednesday, but WHAT THE FROCK anyway! It’s late because I didn’t leave the house, save for a trip to the doctor’s in my grotty shorts/tee combo. I was ill and I didn’t go to work. But here I am now and thank you to DEWI DIANA for taking these pictures! Because she’s in a fab outfit today, I took photos of her too!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Beige floral print dress from ESPRIT

Outwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: iPod Nano 6 with grey watch strap from iwatchz; Embroidered bird brooch from TABITHAEMMA on

Footwear: Black ballet flats from GEOX

How do you like my pseudo-librarian get-up? I imagine this is what I’d be wearing if I were a librarian. It’s too hot for a teacher though. The cardigan would make a pig out of me in our bloody humid climate. Yith! I know so… I spent enough time on both sides of the classroom.