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Rainforest Cafe, Las Vegas

The day after our wedding, we took the opportunity to have lunch with T’s sister, his brother-in-law and niece before they headed back home to California. Since they were staying at the Luxor, we went to The Strip for lunch. T picked one of the few places on The Strip he’s actually eaten at and liked. The Rainforest Cafe, which his sister brought him to the first time he went.


Outside the cafe, they had a crazy rainforest-themed gift shop (as with the entire restaurant). We ended up buying a plushie for T’s niece (my new niece) Sophia. I was a little confused as to what it actually was though – either a lemur or a slow loris. Whatever it is, it had huge eyes and a pink tail (just the day before, Sophia told me her favourite colour was pink… then purple and blue). What is it? It’s that thing T is holding in the photo. Can anyone identify it for me?

IMG_0953This place I feel is largely a restaurant for children, okay, family-friendly. It is a little pricier than what you’d pay for the exact same quality for food. The ambience, decor and animatronics, as well as the fact that it is in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip does justify it. I mean, one does not walk into MGM Grand everyday for a casual lunch, right?

The kids menu was pretty decent and there was more than 1 vegetarian option for us to pick from (not just salads). They also told us that they could get the chef to swop out some ingredients and customise certain sauces for vegetarians. On top of that, Sophia was also given some crayons and a colouring sheet to entertain herself with.

IMG_0954The crazy animal feet bar stools and the gift shop aside, there were at least 2 salt-water fish tanks, a regular thunderstorm booming, and animatronics (inside the gift shop and the restaurant). Gorillas, elephants, butterflies etc, all moved in different parts of the restaurant. This makes it a great place for families to bring their children BUT don’t bring the tiny ones or they might be freaked out when the random animatronics are set off.

On the day we went, our server was kept real busy, but still very attentive. I noticed a major spill at a nearby table that was efficiently cleaned up – guys in safari suits and their walkies just swooped in and mopped up the liquid, cleared up the ice cubes.

IMG_0955We spent a total of about $110 for the 5 of us, including the 20% gratuity (at the bottom of the bill, they calculate the suggested 15, 18 & 20% tip for you so you can just choose what you want to add to the payment without having to work out the sum yourself). It’s a little more than we usually spend when we eat out though I think it’s not a place we’d go to very often. Seeing as it was a special day and we don’t really know when we’ll see them again, for the experience, it was a steal!


MGM Casino & Hotel

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 891-8580

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Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner in Yermo, California

As I write this post, we’re preparing to leave our house to visit Max in Calsbad, California. The nurses have been really nice and sending us email updates with photos or calling to tell us what he’s up to. They told us that Max is very happy whenever they take him out of the kennel for walks. Max is such a sweetie pie and he does love having a human friend around all the time. Anyway, on Monday on our drive home to Las Vegas, we dropped by this diner for dinner.

I saw signs for Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner maybe about 1 hour or 45 minutes before we were even near Yermo, California. The drive through the desert is quite a boring one, if you can imagine a vast expanse of rocks, hills and you know, sky. While the scenery was beautiful, it was same-y after about an hour. Signs for the outlet shopping malls and Peggy Sue’s piqued my interests and perked me up. T said we should go to Peggy Sue’s on our way back, and that was possibly the only thing that distracted me from the sadness of leaving Max behind at the hospital for radiation.


We arrived at about 6.30pm and it was just about getting dark. The entrance was designed and painted to look like an old jukebox. It was a sight to behold because I love kitsch and colours (and also, the surrounding area was basically just dirt tracks and nothing else). Inside, it was kitsch, movie memorabilia and 50s themed everything I’ve ever seen in movies or old Archie comics! There were many tables and we had our pick of seats before the dinner crowd came in about half an hour later.

IMG_9652 IMG_9653

I must say though, their mannequins scared me. There was one dressed as Elvis with a guitar in hand, one woman (I’m not sure if she was supposed to be a character or just a generic person styled in a 50s outfit and gloves) sitting at the bar counter and several others that spooked me when I saw them from the corner of my eye. Other than the dining area, they also had a store in one wing that sold almost everything kitschy – t-shirts, weird games, snacks, candy, postcards, mugs, keychains etc.

T ordered a veggie burger that came with several choices of sides – he had potato salad and curly fries (is this 50s?). Also, a root beer. I had the deep fried dill pickles (super yum!!!!!) with ranch dressing dip, onion rings (which T said was really good. It’s pretty good to me, but nothing special) and also a rather non-descript corn bread (because other than the corn muffins at Kenny Roger’s, I’ve never had others and T has asked if I could make them). I also had an old fashioned ice cream soda (vanilla of course), just like they had in the old Archie comics (the 50s themed ones, not the updated ones I grew up with in the 80s). While I was full to almost the brim, T still wanted dessert and he ordered a huge-ass chocolate malt ice cream thing with Whoppers for about USD5.

All in all, dinner was so-so. ¬†We paid under USD35 including a 20% cash tip. The food was not bad but I wouldn’t come here just to eat. I love the kitsch and the 50s theme. Even the waitresses had pink/mint green 50s style uniforms! I’d say food 3/5 and ambience 4/5. This was fun though and I can’t wait to check out other roadside diners in future!

Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner

Open Daily 6:00am-10:00pm

35654 Yermo Road

Yermo, CA 92398

Phone: (760) 254-3370