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Fat-shionista #512

Monday blues… Here’s something that is a day late. (As you can see, I’m also late with removing the Christmas decor hahhahaha)

What I wore yesterday:



Top: Light blue denim shirt with star prints from OLD NAVY

Dress: Navy blue printed tank dress with in-built bra from UNIQLO

Leggings: Blue ribbed leggings from UNIQLO

Footwear: Black slouchy faux suede boots from AMAZON

I must say that the UNIQLO heat tech bra tops and dresses are a life saver this Winter. I’ve been wearing them almost everyday under my clothes. I have 3 tank tops and 2 dresses which I layer on for warmth and to hide/hold in my fats hahahhahahahaa

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Fat-shionista #505

Today we took a bus from the Monroe Park & Ride to New York City itself. The journey took about 90 minutes and we alighted at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

We were on a budget so we mostly did free things like walk down Times Square, 5th Avenue and also Central Park. I did my next NYAW feature photo shoot and we also met up with T’s cousins for dinner.

It was a beautiful day and warm outside so this is what I wore:

Top: Black & white polka dotted top from UNIQLO X LULU GUINNESS

Accessories: Orange polka dotted hair bow from thestreetsofbangkok

Bottom: Black skater skirt from TOPSHOP

Leggings: Black polka dotted leggings from DOROTHY PERKINS

Footwear: Black slouchy wide calf boots from REPORT (on Amazon)




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Fat-shionista #417

Hey hey it’s WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY and my first day back at work. I miss Melbourne and hanging out with my inner circle but I’m happy to be back in my office socializing with my pals!

I even had a yummy chicken ramen lunch at Tori King with XH and Pearlyn! I miss our lunch chats and epicurean journeys during the work day. Today we travelled to Tanjong Pagar!

Here’s a new dress and I really love it! Got it from OFF YA TREE in Melbourne. I love that shop! The guys in there are pretty chill & easy. Bought 2 dresses from the one on Elizabeth Street. I love HELL BUNNY dresses more than ever now!

What do you think of my Pudgy-overaged-Harajuku-Taylor-Swift-getup? MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t stop laughing as I type this.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Black ruffle “Margot Floral” dress with pink/purple prints from HELL BUNNY

Outerwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: Floral shabby chic necklace from ACCESSORIZE

Tights: Hot Pink semi-sheer stockings from idon’tknow

Footwear: Brown distressed leather booties from RUBI SHOES




Special thanks to Dewi Diana for today’s photos!!

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Fat-shionista #373

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Multi-coloured paint daub print dress (gift from PLUS PINK)

Outerwear: Purple cropped jacket from H&M Divided

Accessories: Lighting bolt necklace from WICKED LAUNDRY; Natural weave bangle from ISLAND SHOP; iPod Nano 6 with grey iwatchz strap

Footwear: Brown distressed leather boots and green crochet socks from RUBI SHOES

Thanks again to Sian Eng for indulging and taking these photos!!




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Fat-shionista #367


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue 3/4 sleeve cheongsam from thesimpson on

Accessories: Coral pink flower barrette from ACCESSORIZE; iPod nano 6 & grey watch strap from iwatchz

Footwear: Silver crochet lace socks & Brown distressed leather booties from RUBI SHOES

Thanks ah Eng for the photos!!



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Fat-shionista #358

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Purple animal-print tunic as dress from FRENCH CONNECTION

Outwear: Pink cape from UNKL347

Accessories: Black triangle necklace and Pink skull ring from INDIESIN ; Pink frosted cookie brooch from Twinkle Chan

Footwear: Brown distressed boots and green crochet lace socks from Rubi Shoes

Thanks to Pearlyn for these pictures! And also the comment that prompted these pictures!



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Fat-shionista #342

Woohoo! I found time to blog today. Although it literally takes me less than 15 minutes to take photos and do a post via my iPhone, life has taken a hold of everything else and I haven’t properly sat down to compose anything. Hopefully I’ll have time to do at least 2 posts a week. Oh gosh! I’m so behind in everything I do outside of work that I just remembered that I haven’t mailed out the presents for the giveaway! Oh man! Sorry guys! I promise they’ll be in the post by the end of the week!

So anyway, hello 2012! You kinda suck already. But… Bleagh! I’ll have time to rectify that! I will, I will, I will!

So… Here’s a new outfit! Technically old because I bought it almost 6 months ago buy never got round to wearing it! Thanks to Rydwan for taking these pictures very quickly!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Peach lace and tulle dress from RODARTE FOR TARGET

Accessories: Black distressed leather belt from TOPSHOP; Black calculator watch from CASIO

Bag: Black PU leather Skull bag from Fashion_372146750 on eBay

Footwear: Brown vintage-inspired distressed boots from RUBI SHOES




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Fat-shionista #158

Pink & Booties
Pink & Booties

This wasn’t the outfit I envisioned when I decided on what to wear today. I first put on a bright pink leopard print polyester top from RIVER ISLAND and decided that they didn’t go with my F21 leggings (VPL and all that). Also, I came to work without the long cardigan. It just got cold in the office and I had it hugging the back of my seat. Today, I also have a new photographer. I say thanks to Stephanie from Corp Comms… my colleagues are awesome.

Hello Kitty MAC Glaze Big Bow lipstick
Hello Kitty MAC Glaze Big Bow lipstick
A $2 gangsta
A $2 gangsta

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Ditsy floral print top from GEORGE G21 (thrifted off eBay)

Bottom: Black cropped leggings with bow detail (worn as almost  full length leggings) from FAITH 21

Outerwear: Pink long cardigan from MISS SELFRIDGE

Accessories: Gold bow necklace from DIVA ACCESSORIES; Orange-Brown Faux leather stretchy belt from fazhionable on ebay

Footwear Brown Zip Detail Shoe Boots from EVANS

This is one of the vainest poses I've ever done
This is one of the vainest poses I've ever done
The is what it looks like without the cardigan
The is what it looks like without the cardigan
Full-length pose for 11th November 2010
Full-length pose for 11th November 2010
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My Stuff: Make-up Removers

I like wearing make-up and on most days, my eyes are really made up with the full works – mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. Removing make-up is a chore. I share a bathroom with 1 of my sisters and thankfully, she’s a cosmestics and skincare product freak. If it were left up to me, I’ll buy the cheapest thing on sale and depend on it. I’m not particular about facial scrubs or wash but I do have a few favourite products that I actually do stock up on my own.

In a previous post, I mentioned the L’Oreal Visible Radiance Renewing Gel Toner. I like this product because a) I need a toner for my oily combination skin b) Gel toners are great as they are not harsh on aging skin c) it’s not expensive at all!!

The other stuff I like and are within my budget are:

  • Kao Biore – Biore Cleansing Oil
Biore Cleansing Oil
Biore Cleansing Oil

Just squirt some into your hands, rub it all over your face, wash off with water. Then finish with facial wash. Great for full make-up days.

  • Boots – Essentials Fragrance Free Eye Make up Remover Pads

These round little discs help remove waterproof eye make-up well. Press one against your eye lid, gently wiggle it over your eye and wipe over your lashes. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of them and I’ll have to wait till someone buys them for me from Thailand or England (or wherever there’s BOOTS).

  • Kao Biore – Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets
Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (Regular Pack)
Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (Regular Pack)

They come in several different packaging. A pack of 10 sheets – convenient for travelling; and a big utility pack of  48 sheets. I buy the utility size refills as I already have the nice box to pull it out of. This is great for those lighter make-up days. Just wipe your entire face with it, then cleanse with a normal facial wash.