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Mum Mode: Light Cardigan days are here

Love my Marimekko x Uniqlo dress. I actually have 3 different prints. I would buy them all if they made more! It’s the right length for someone 5’ tall and comes almost to the ankle. The flared design hides weird body shapes and I absolutely want pockets in every single thing I wear.

I rotate my bags pretty often but this yellow Longchamp is going to stay for a couple more weeks. For the foreseeable future, it holds everything I need – keys, wallet, phone, makeup pouch, spare diaper, wipes and snacks for my kid…

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Mum Mode: Real mums wear sweats

Some days when it’s super cold and dark out, you just do your colourful best to keep warm, then get your offspring off to school.

It’s like “yes it’s going to be a sweatshirt, sweat pants and sneakers” kind of day. BUT make it fun!

Top from Adidas. Cosy fleece-lined trousers are The North Face. Sneakers are Reebok. And that bright blue bag that holds all kinds of mum crap – Marc by Marc Jacob’s.

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Mum Mode: Frigid Friday

Never thought it’d get this cold in Southern California and I love being able to layer my outfits. This is probably the rainiest winter I’ve experienced since I moved to the US about 10 years ago. But everything is green and we love it! I know that isn’t the case for those further north of us and it has gotten pretty bad.

Coat from RRejina Pyo, DKNY hoodie dress, Longchamp bag and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

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Mum Mode: Jeans & Laundry

I do at least 2 loads of laundry a week. Most times more. There are only 3 of us living in this house! I try to minimize the number of items I personally need washing by wearing them more than once – like jeans. I wear them at least 2-3 times before I toss them in the wash. In my teens, I could live and sleep in them for up to a week.

No lies here – this pair has been worn 3 times this week. I think they’re “still fresh”. They go in the wash immediately if it has been raining or if I’ve gone somewhere unsanitary though.

My black and white top is Marimekko x Uniqlo and I love my Dr Martens purple strappy platforms.

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Mum Mode: Jewel Tones

These Lenora Dame earrings are amazing! I had another pair that I gave away to someone who admired the quirkiness. Must have been several years ago by now.

Tom said he really liked how this Hill House Home coat went with my hair today. Made no mention of my Bakelite bangle from Etro though. I love Bakelite!

Very inspired by my pink top recently and I might redo my hair in this shade of pink next.

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Mum Mode: School Runs

I did a school run in this outfit.

We chose to send Alastair to a school almost 20miles away from where we live so I have to leave by 7:15am to get there in time.

My everyday scarf of the moment is from Kate Spade and that’s my Mum-bag – a customized Kipling that fits all kind of junk including a nappy and a floor mat for Alastair because most places have no facilities for toileting a quadriplegic who can’t fit on a baby change table.

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Mum Mode: The one with Goliath

I was doing my thing by the pool and Goliath decided that he wanted to be on my side of the backyard. Essentially, I don’t care if the fenced-in backyard is 3500 sq ft, I just want to sit… RIGHT HERE!

Oversized purple faux leather jacket from Apparis and yellow jelly shoes from Melissa.

Goliath was adopted from Bark n Bitches when they were still at their Fairfax location.