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Fat-shionista #560

IMG_6452How do you like our little yard? It’s mostly brown because we live in the desert but I decided to take pictures here because the landscaping guys just came in to tidy it up and it looks neat!

One thing though, you have to go in and out quickly or you will burn! Summer in the desert is no joke. I have my minimum of SPF 50 for the body and I also try to cover my arms when it gets too hot because I get all freckly!

What I’m wearing:

Top: Green/White striped task with fabric flower detail from KATE SPADE

Outerwear: Dark grey cardigan from LURVE HANDLES

Accessories: Brown faux-leather belt from STEVE MADDEN

Bottom: Barnswallow Cuffed-Twill Boyfriend shorts from OLD NAVY

Footwear: Black strappy peeptoe heels from KIMCHI BLUE (Urban Outfitters)



I produced an indie music festival in Singapore for 7years before I moved to the US to be with my indie game dev husband Tom who made Axiom Verge and Axiom Verge 2. We live in Los Angeles, California with our son Alastair (named for Alastair Reynolds) and our dog Goliath (named for his size).

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