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Not Your Average Woman: Leah Keh Huier


Today when we visited Leah at the Ang Mo Kio flat she shares with her husband and 2 children, we were greeted by 3 very lively Malteses barking away curiously.  Shortly after, her extremely friendly children Atticus and Ashlea came out to wave and say hello excitedly. It was such a sight!

Upon entering, you immediately notice how despite 2 young children and 3 dogs, the house is EXTREMELY TIDY and there is a lot of space!

Leah is in her early 30s and she’s a busy bee who’s striking a cool work-life balance. A highly sought-after bilingual Emcee, Leah’s typical weekday is jam-packed with activities. When she was rattling off her normal weekday schedule, I could barely keep myself from blinking – breakfast, send kids to school, Zumba, work meetings, pick kids from school, lunch, work meetings, dinner, etc. She’s definitely a very hands-on Mum who takes every minute by the horns. She also revealed that she’s a ultra neat freak who is constantly cleaning, reorganising the house, putting things in order (even her delicates are sorted by colour) and going after her kids. On top of that, she keeps herself even busier through additional charity work, raising funds for underprivileged families!!! (There were boxes and bags of brand new packs of baby diapers in her living room.)


Leah’s so incredibly busy but keeps her cool by being so cheerful and upbeat. I love that while she was mock-exasperated by how her children seem to have “messed up her country themed” home since their birth, the two children obviously adore her. They were confident, chatty and loving even to us strangers. Leah’s 3-year old daughter Ashlea even handed her a tissue (without anyone’s prompting) to freshen up when we were trying to take pictures. How adorable is that??

At the start, Leah asked what kind of outfits she should wear and I merely suggested that she be herself. I’m sure people are more interested in the ordinary and everyday like how she dresses for work, a typical day out, the weekends etc. She hammed it up and even asked her 4-year old son to come into a picture and pretend to be spanked – a hands-on Mum and disciplinarian can still look good, you see.


We talked about how she manages her life, the importance of looking good and not forgetting basic make-up on your face, gaining weight after child birth and trying to lose it via Zumba as well as the best places to shop. So meet Leah Keh – the woman who wants it all and is determined to give it her best shot.



  • What is your dress/shoe size? Dress size 16-18 , Shoe size 6


  • Describe Your Style I am into rustic floral and bohemian prints. I work on anything that I imagine myself being able to carry off. I work on basic colours too and pump it up with loads of loud accessories.


  • What do you normally wear to work or a work event/meeting? Maxi dresses! I may be a plus size WFHM ( work from home mom), but being in the entertainment/ events business, you definitely have to look “out of the box”. I make it a point to dress up professionally yet still looking vibrantly colourful!


  • Where and how do you shop? I shop everywhere, but being in “Pro-small” Singapore, I sometimes stick to the usual brands of clothings that stock up on bigger sizes which then I pump up the look with accessories. My favourites are Monsoon , Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer (yawn! but they do have very quality basic pieces)


  • What are your favourite things to buy? I love earrings!You can be wearing something boring but earrings can give it a 180 degrees change, in a good way!


  • What are your favourite brands or shops? Monsoon is my absolute favourite! They have loud and daring pieces that I love to put on when I host my live shows


  • How do you dress on your blah-days? Nothing beats just a short denim skirt and a plain top….but again, never forget those earrings!


  • When you were 12, what did you imagine your life would be like at your current age. I knew I would be just fantabulous! :)



So what do you think of Leah? I love my NOT YOUR AVERGE WOMAN candidates! They’re all so inspiring! Knocking down stereotypes one at a time!


I produced an indie music festival in Singapore for 7years before I moved to the US to be with my indie game dev husband Tom who made Axiom Verge and Axiom Verge 2. We live in Los Angeles, California with our son Alastair (named for Alastair Reynolds) and our dog Goliath (named for his size).

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