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Tai-Tai Day with Pearlyn and XH

It’s Taitai Day! A taitai is a lady of leisure who does nothing but enjoys the days by eating, relaxing and basically living it up. Prior to this, I had worked for 10 days straight and this is a much needed breather before I work another 8 straight days (my next day off is next Saturday).

XH, Pearlyn and I went on another one of our Taitai Day jaunts. The point is to pick a weekday and take leave from work to pretend that we don’t have anything to do while others slog. Our activities usually centres on food indulgences. The usual food joints are Basilco at Regent Hotel, MELT at Mandarin Oriental or high tea at Goodwood Park hotel. Today, we’re at The Line at Shangri La, Singapore.



Pearlyn booked for the 3 of us online. If you book online, you get a 15% discount (off the original S$49++). If you have a HSBC credit card, you get a 20% discount. The booking came through very easily and the website was easy to navigate.



Pearlyn loves the layout of this place, I don’t really have an opinion on the decor which is comfortable but nothing to shout about. XH recommends that you should sit near the windows for a more luxurious feel as the orange lighting near our table is quite claustrophobic.

Foodwise, XH says “nice looking variety but nothing that calls out strongly. Concept wise – a bit of a mish-mash” and “not a well-planned eating experience”. He only recommends the sweet “shelly” crabs and the desserts though he admits that for most people, “it hits the spot for all the typical Singaporean buffet experience – sashimi, oysters, dim sum etc.”

Pearlyn said she enjoyed the salads, especially the goat cheese as well as the desserts. She had a terrible experience with the oysters counter though – the chefs were busy shucking oysters as fast as they could but the people in front of her at the queue basically wiped out everything in seconds. Each taking at least 6 per plate. Quite *LC right? Also she overheard a middle-aged woman who asked her son why the portions at the counter were so small and she thought it was troublesome to make so many trips to get her food. Again, so LC right?

For me, I feel that there are more than enough quality food options here for vegetarians and I enjoyed everything from the hot foods, to dessert.

In general, the ambience is good – clean, cool and comfortable. The service is average (to slow, for clearing up and refilling water). The toilets are luxurious (think marble and wood panelling, a large vanity and assortment of lotions – even individually wrapped nail files). Location a little out of the way unless you take a cab or drive – it is a long walk in.

Our verdict:

XH 6/10

Pearlyn 7.5/10

Me 7/10



I produced an indie music festival in Singapore for 7years before I moved to the US to be with my indie game dev husband Tom who made Axiom Verge and Axiom Verge 2. We live in Los Angeles, California with our son Alastair (named for Alastair Reynolds) and our dog Goliath (named for his size).

8 thoughts on “Tai-Tai Day with Pearlyn and XH

        1. Hmmmm…. You do know that I have my own job and I can probably buy my own home too right? I’m not with Tom because I am broke and I need a place to stay. Also I’m not going to lie around doing nothing while he supports me you know? I just hope it’s not coming across that way even though I’m grateful that he’s a great catch

    1. OMG it is!! It’s awesome when you have friends who do it with you. Pearlyn and I always try to dress up and take a taxi everywhere we go on Taitai Day…

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