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Rants & Raves: Morrissey

I kinda work in Music so attending concerts is practically part of the job and it’s no biggie whenever a new show comes to town. HENCE this Morrissey thing is an exception! By way of The Smiths, Morrissey is one of the must-see acts for me. I snapped up Early Bird tickets at $91 (saving $10, haha) and I planned my day off from work so that I could be one of the first in line!

Got there about 4.30pm and this is the hardcore fans, early queue. Thanks, Nuraini!

The show was supposed to start at 8pm but Patrick, Lil Nat and I were there at about 4.30pm. We weren’t the first and there were many others who arrived before doors opened at 7pm.

Photo stolen off FB. Thanks Wee Jin Ong, whoever you are!

My friends and I ran like the other early hoards to secure a place right in front of the barricades. This is funny for me because it’s usually other people who do that at my shows. (Like I said, this is an exception.) We waited for like a goddamn long time! The show only started at about 9.30pm! By then I was tired and thirsty and being squashed from all sides!

Lil Nat, Patrick and I went early for Morrissey and we bought tees!

I had a great view of Morrissey and a good time!

It was all worth it! I heard my favourite songs LIVE and went home before the crowd dispersed. So 8 May 2012 came and went.

Next up, Radiohead in November! My friends and I are going to Melbourne for it! We’ve got tickets for the show AND we just booked our flights. Oh gosh… I can’t wait… I need a holiday soon.


I produced an indie music festival in Singapore for 7years before I moved to the US to be with my indie game dev husband Tom who made Axiom Verge and Axiom Verge 2. We live in Los Angeles, California with our son Alastair (named for Alastair Reynolds) and our dog Goliath (named for his size).

One thought on “Rants & Raves: Morrissey

  1. I am SO jealous you got to see Morrissey! I would have loved to have seen him! Too bad you’re going to Melbourne to see Radiohead and not Auckand – I could have come to hang out with you in Auckland:D

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