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Couponing: 100 min CLARINS slimming treatment & massage at Eden Spa

Date: 12 July 2011

Deal: 87% off 100 Minutes Clarins Slimming & Contouring Treatment + HerbalDetox Footbath + Lymphatic Drainage Head & Face Detox Massage @ Eden Spa at Purvis. Only $48 instead of $360

How it went:

Purvis Street is not far from where I work so I had a leisurely stroll to the boutique spa. It looked a lot smaller than it really is on the inside. Definitely more than meets the eye. Everyone was quiet and soft-spoken inside and I felt very relaxed. Maybe it’s because I had a long day at work. But really – great use of space. Nice decor. Nothing overtly ostentatious and it felt like a place I could return to. I liked that from the moment I entered the spa, aromatherapy calmed me down.

The rest area inside
The rest area inside
Ginger footbath
Ginger footbath

Linda took time to first introduce me to the CLARINS products used in the spa and then explained what the treatment I was going to receive. Afterwhich, I was taken inside to a room with 4 large leather armchairs to soak my feet in a hot tub of ginger detox solution. Whilst flipping magazines, I actually started to nod off. It was THAT relaxing! Dark, quiet and the hot water… mmmmm… After 20 minutes, I was brought upstairs where the treatment rooms are but I asked to use the bathroom before we start. Love what they did with the place! So spa! Stone tiles, soft lighting, rattan seats in a verandah, spacious showers and dressing areas.

The massage itself was interesting. It wasn’t the kind of relaxing aromatherapy massages I was used to. It was vigorous and hypnotic. Not exactly uncomfortable but a bit weird. It was ticklish at some points especially when she was working my upper thighs and my waist. But it was quite strange how even though she was using a lot of force, I nodded off and started snoring. This lymphatic draining massage technique is quite bizarre! Then after about 30 minutes or so, she wrapped me in clingwrap and told me to get back on the bed. It was of course a struggle because I was like a mummy! But I fell asleep soon after when she started the head and face massage. Oh… zzzzzz….

Was it worth $360? Probably not. Even when I read the list prices, I’m not sure how this worked. The entire session took about slightly more than an hour and it was a combination of a few things. But because Linda took time to explain to me about the products as well as offered me a very attractive package, I took a small 4 session one. I also like the environment a lot. I don’t know, this is kinda different than what I’ve done before. I need to read up more about this detox and lymphatic whatever. I’m not sure how it stimulates whatever to help you slim down or encourage weight loss.


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